Connie Banks, President & CEO

I am the owner, founder and sole officer of CBT, Inc., a logistics provider and asset based carrier located at 4281 McBrayer Road, Oakwood, GA. I am on site and active in all the daily operations of my company. Our legacy reaches deep into all aspects of freight logistics, utilizing innovative transportation and logistics technologies through financial strength and sensible growth since 1989.


Blair Hutson, Chief Operating Officer 

He started working at CBT in 2003, however he was introduced into the business at a very early age since Connie Banks is his mother. Blair uses his calm reasoning ability to manipulate some of the toughest transportation lanes offered. He took an existing customer base and cultivated it to a very successful level for CBT. Additionally he has acquired many new customers and carriers for our portfolio..


Bobby Banks, Administrative Coordinator.

Bobby has helped to cultivate our growing base of shippers. His 30+ years as a fleet manager and dispatch coordinator adds to our resume of accomplished employees.


Bella, Official Hall Monitor and Truancy Patrol Officer.

Bella greets all the staff each day and makes sure everyone stays on task, including throwing a toy for her every now and again.